Ohio State’s policy requests that all faculty, students, staff, fans, patients, visitors, and contractors not use tobacco products on campus, either inside and out.


We also ask that no one smoke or use tobacco products in our surrounding neighborhoods. The university is committed to being a good neighbor in our campus communities, and that includes being mindful of litter, loitering, and second-hand smoke as a result of off-campus tobacco use.

Ohio State has adopted a tobacco free policy that supports a healthy environment for all members of the Buckeye Nation. The use of all types of tobacco products is prohibited in all university buildings and on all university-owned properties, including parking lots, garages, and all outside areas. (The full policy can be found at https://hr.osu.edu/public/documents/policy/policy720.pdf)

Our tobacco free policy is intended to encourage employees, students, and visitors to improve their health by eliminating the use of tobacco products. It is not intended to drive tobacco use from on campus to our off-campus neighbors. The consideration and cooperation of tobacco users and non-tobacco users alike is needed to fully implement the policy.

If you have been thinking about quitting, this is the perfect opportunity. The university is highly committed to supporting all faculty, staff, and students who wish to stop using tobacco. The clear fact remains that tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This website includes resources to overcome tobacco or nicotine addiction through the OSU Health Plan, the Student Health and Wellness Centers, and other campus providers. There's no better time to get more involved in your health. Wellness is a Buckeye Thing!

Read our executive summary to learn about the history of the policy as well as the national recognition that Ohio State has received because of it.